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Sunday, July 19 2009

As you can see from the track, the guys are still at the Cedar Island Camp. Here is some of a recent email from Paul:

Based on the winds I think that our course will be as follows.  We will be making stops along the way to check out potential anchorages.  I would like to be done sailing each day by the middle of the afternoon so we can have some fun too. 

Monday night - ocracoke point or whalebone island (about 21 miles)
tuesday - drum inlet about 28 miles
wed - cape lookout about 29 miles
thurs - horse island 15 miles (first thing in the morning I drop martin off at cedar island to be picked up by his sister)
Fri- Pamlico camp about 24-35 miles (this might also end up being swan quarter or great island.)
sat- cedar island about 25-35 miles(by way of swan quarter and great island to check them out,)
Should be about 170miles 5 nights, six days.

This is ambitious I know, and I plan for it to change, but at least it is a goal to start with.

Here is a Google Earth file with places I would like to check out.


Paul just called to report that he, his brother, Sean and father Bill have arrived. He was able to do a little sailing yesterday in spite of rain showers. George is there and now launching his Martha Jame. Paul's 8 hour drive stretched to 12 hours due to dodging tornadoes. They plan to leave Monday.

At Cedar Island

Monday, July 20

Not much happening today. The guys got west a bit and ended up tying to a post or buoy  for the night.


Not much to report - did build a driftwood campfire this evening. They are allowed along the National Seashore


Finally making some miles. Heading southeast down Core Sound toward Cape Lookout. A squall came up and everyone had to heave to for an hour or so, then sailed on the remaining wind down toward the night's camp at Cape Lookout. Paul says it is a wonderful spot and they  make decide to have a layover day here next year.


The wind tends to be light in the morning then dying around noon only to pick up in the afternoon. The boys are reporting much shallow water in Core Sound - also, George in the Martha Jane is leaving all the others behind. Paul will drop his sailing partner tomorrow so he can return home then the others will explore more of Pamlico Sound. Paul sent these photos:

5 knots and chilling
Cape Lookout Sunset
Dump Island
Embers watch camped on sand bar for night
Paul's cellf-potrait with Roonio in the background



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